Adam Gerchick

Fisch Sigler LLPSuperstar Lawyer

Bar Exam Candidate
  Washington, DC office
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ommunicating with authenticity, clarity, and efficiency drives Adam. He lives by Anton Chekhov’s admonition "don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass." And for clients, this means Adam’s communications are accessible, interesting, and motivational.

Adam’s passion for all forms of persuasive communication made him a regular at Amherst College’s Robert Frost Library. There, Adam explored an eclectic group of writers like Coetzee, Englander, Fitzgerald, Flaubert, and Wallace. It was also during these long reads that Adam developed a snack affinity for Funyuns (which contain no cholesterol or trans fats and are gluten free). Those page turning sessions also helped Adam discover his interest in story telling.

After Amherst, Adam spent two years in Los Angeles at a market research and strategy firm putting his narrative skills to the test for politicians, movie studios, and others in the public eye. Adam further refined his messaging skills by convening, conducting, and studying focus groups and consumer surveys. Despite a reliable stream of 72 degree days, palm trees, and Sig-Alerts, Adam decided to depart the City of Angels to attend law school in his hometown of Washington, DC.

At Georgetown Law, Adam served as an editor on the Georgetown Law Technology Review, as a member of Georgetown’s Rising Justice group, and with the celebrated Georgetown Law Teach-In. Also while at Georgetown, Adam continued to read great writers when possible, but by this time he had lost his taste for an accompanying yellow and green bag of Funyuns.

Adam is an Eagle Scout. Since the Boy Scouts of America’s founding in 1911, only four percent of all Scouts have earned this highest rank. Adam remains an active supporter of the scouting movement.

Adam will be taking the summer 2020 Washington, DC bar examination, which has been postponed until October.

Georgetown University Law Center
J.D. 2020
Amherst College
B.A., cum laude, 2013

  • Adam isn’t yet admitted to practice law. Adam will be taking the summer 2020 Washington, DC bar examination, which has been postponed until October.